With an inviting style that resonates from the cherished storytelling roots of country music, Emily Clair’s soulful sound is stealing hearts, gaining fans, and leading her towards the next breakthrough in an ever-rewarding career.

Originally from Ajax, Ontario, Emily grew up in a musical family and showed early artistic inklings by singing herself to sleep as a child. Being raised around music brought out a natural singing voice, an early interest in rock, and ten years of vocal and piano lessons that soon followed.

After performing in talent shows and recitals, which found her singing everything from Aretha Franklin to Corrine Bailey Rae, a high school teacher introduced Emily to country music through the Dixie Chicks, who proved to be a lasting musical influence.

As she continued towards adulthood, Emily picked up an acoustic guitar and worked hard to hone her craft as a songwriter by capturing her life in lyrics and using passion and truth as a means of forming an emotional connection with every listener.

Since making the jump from budding singer-songwriter to full fledged recording artist, Emily has enjoyed a series of momentous milestones. A two-time semi-finalist in the “Unsigned Only” Music Competition and winner in the Country category of the Djooky Global Song Contest, Emily’s 2021 singles “Drive Me Home” and “Limousine” were two of five consecutive singles to land in the Top 40 of CBC Country/Sirius XM’s rotation in Canada. She closed 2021 with “Stripped” – a live off the floor recording of her entire 7-single release catalogue produced by CMAO-nominated Shawn Moore – which also served as her debut EP. In 2022, Emily is sending a bold signal to fans and industry players alike with the release of “Kiss Strangers”, the first single from her first full-length album – appropriately titled “Stealing Hearts” – which is currently in the early stages of development. Clair had also been nominated for 2022 CMAO "Roots Country artist of the year." 

Equally passionate about empowering other women in country music, she and fellow artist Amberlea Bruch co-founded The Songbird Series, an female empowered songwriters’ round. Blessed with a voice that is both captivating and effortless, and a powered by a pure country heart, Emily continues to boldly push boundaries and bring her soulful and sultry sound to the mainstream country music scene.